About the Office

About the Office

Kaja Kuźnicka Notary Office is located in the very centre of Jelenia Góra at 31/1 Wojska Polskiego Avenue, approx. 5 minutes’ walk from Jelenia Góra old center. Its location in the vicinity of the most important legal institutions such as the district court, the regional court, the passport department or the town hall will undoubtedly allow you to save valuable time during many legal actions. The office is easily accessible and there are numerous parking spaces nearby (check here), and for those travelling by public transport, the nearby bus stops may be of significance.

The notary office has a spacious waiting room, an office for one-to-one meetings and, unusually for real estate agents and companies, a reading room of a dozen people.

The Notary Office of Notary Kaja Kuźnicka is located, which may be important for elderly people, on the ground floor with convenient access directly from Wojska Polskiego Avenue. As the tenement house is a historic building, we have taken care to restore the chambers in a historical spirit. It is also worth mentioning for those interested that in the 1980s, the premises housed the headquarters of the NSZZ “Solidarność”.

Notarial activities

A notary performs activities that the parties are obliged or wish to have notarised.

In our notarial activities, we offer our notarial services in accordance with the applicable laws and the rules of professional ethics of notaries.

We carry out notarial activities in the full range set out by the applicable laws.

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