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Notarial activities

  • Notarial acts

    Notarial acts

    The notary performs actions to which the parties are obliged or wish to give notarial form…

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  • Marital property contracts

    A matrimonial property contract is concluded between spouses or persons just planning to marry

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  • Donation agreement

    A donation is a free benefit of the donor to the recipient. The subject of a donation contract may be a natural or

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  • Sales contract

    A Sales Contract is one of the most commonly concluded contracts in legal transactions. The seller transfers ownership of the real estate to the buyer in exchange for payment of the price agreed between the parties. In Polish law…

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  • Agreement on the division of joint property

    The division of joint property can be done after the statutory community has been abolished. The division of the joint property can be done at a notary’s office by

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  • Removal of joint ownership

    In the case of fractional co-ownership, each of the co-owners may demand the abolition of co-ownership of a jointly owned property

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About us

Notary Kaja Kuznicka has gained extensive experience and learned the specifics of notarial regionalism while working in a number of notary offices within various notary chambers. Notary Kaja Kuznicka is a graduate of the Faculty of Law, Administration and Economics at the University of Wroclaw.

She served her notarial apprenticeship at the Notary Chamber in Wroclaw and the Notary Chamber in Warsaw, under the patronage of notaries from Jelenia Góra, Legnica and Warsaw.

After passing the notary exam, she obtained the status of deputy notary, a position in which she worked in one of the largest notary offices in Warsaw until she was appointed by the Minister of Justice to the position of notary and assigned the seat of the notary office in Jelenia Góra

Notarial activities

The notary performs actions to which the parties are obliged or wish to give notarial form.

As part of the activities of the Office, we offer you services in the performance of notarial activities, in accordance with applicable laws and the rules of professional ethics of notaries.

We perform notarial activities to the full extent prescribed by applicable laws.


  • What is a notarial deed
    Notarial act is an official document confirming the performance of a specific legal act, and one of its special forms

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