Czynności notarialne

Donation agreement

A donation is a free benefit of the donor to the recipient. The subject of a donation contract may be a natural or legal person and there is no restriction that it must be one person. The donor and the donee may be more than one person, e.g. parents may jointly donate a flat to their children.

The object of the donation can be practically anything. It can be a transfer of ownership of a property or a car, or a certain amount of money. In most cases, a donation agreement can be concluded in a simple written form without the involvement of a notary public, e.g. if the donor wants to transfer a specific sum of money in cash. On the other hand, if the donor wishes to donate, for example, real estate or a cooperative ownership right to premises, the form of a notarial deed will be necessary.

(Articles 888-902 of the Civil Code: )

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