Czynności notarialne

Sales contract

A Sales Contract is one of the most commonly concluded contracts in legal transactions. The seller transfers ownership of the real estate to the buyer in exchange for payment of the price agreed between the parties. In Polish law, the sale of real estate (a flat, garage, land plot) requires the form of a notarial deed. Ownership of the real estate is transferred to the buyer upon the signing of the notarial deed by the parties and the notary public. The notarised deed of sale agreement specifies the subject of the agreement, i.e. a detailed description of the real property including its actual and legal status, including any possible encumbrances.

The legal status of the real estate is determined primarily by the land and mortgage register (possible encumbrances will be entered in sections III and IV of the land and mortgage register), as well as by the documents submitted to the notary. It is the notary’s responsibility to establish the legal status and thus properly safeguard the interests of the parties to the contract.

(Art. 535 to 555 of the Civil Code: )

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