Czynności notarialne

Removal of joint ownership

In the case of fractional co-ownership, each of the co-owners may demand the abolition of co-ownership of a jointly owned property. Each co-owner has a claim for the abolition of co-ownership, which is not time-barred pursuant to Article 220 of the Civil Code. In the case of a consensual will, the co-owners may carry out the dissolution of co-ownership by contract at a notary’s office or, in the absence of agreement between the co-owners, by court decision. The dissolution of co-ownership may take place against payment or free of charge. The legislator has distinguished three ways of abolishing co-ownership, i.e. division of the joint property, allocation of the property to one of the co-owners and sale of the joint property, while further mixed ways of abolishing co-ownership cannot be excluded.

(art. 195 – 221 of the Civil Code: )

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