Czynności notarialne


In connection with an action performed in a notary’s office, the notary has the right to accept for deposit, securities or money in Polish or foreign currency. The notary prepares a protocol from the acceptance of money for deposit, in which the party to the transaction that deposits the money specifies its conditions, i.e. when and to whom the notary will pay the money from the deposit.

At the time the protocol is drawn up, the entire amount must be credited to the notary’s escrow account, i.e. a special bank account exclusively for escrow purposes. The release of the deposit takes place against a receipt.

In addition, the notary accepts for safekeeping all kinds of documents, including those in sealed envelopes, as well as computer data carriers, as referred to in the regulations on computerisation of the activity of entities performing public tasks.

(art. 79 of the Act of 14 February 1991 – the Law on Notaries: )

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